Do we have to be close by your office to use your services?

This is where you should answer the most common questions prospective customers might have. It’s a good idea to cover things like your return policy, product warranty info, shipping and returns, etc. Check out the examples below.

Can you help us with personal financial budgeting?

Yes!  We help many of our clients with coming up with a personal budget and holding them accountable to their budget on a quarterly or annual basis.  

Do you have a specialty?

Many of our clients are small business owners that utilize our services to legally minimize taxes owed to Federal and statement governments.  We also assist spouses that have two businesses and organizing the businesses to maximize profits.

Do you assist with material or family counseling?

We are not licensed counselors but we do try to minimize financial stress between spouses and family members.  We also would like to encourage finger-pointing at the government and taxes as the main source of problems.  This action unifies the family unit against a common adversary.

Can we trust you with our personal information?

We are believers in Jesus Christ and while to some that will not mean much, but to us, it means everything.  We would sooner cut our own hand off than to misappropriate your information or to do something illegal or immoral.