Our Why

We care.  We simply care about you, your family, (your business) and your goals.  We partner with you to assist with making your dreams a reality.  Whether you partner with us for your taxes, bookkeeping, payroll or budgeting services, you are partnering with us and that means the world.  It’s simple – we care. 


Our Approach

We prioritize our clients goals and build a plan for managing their books or tax planning.  We sit down yearly with clients to understand what changed this year.  Did you get married?  Have a child?  Decide to sell the business or need to plan to hand it off to your children?  We meet during big events or help guide how to position the transition and can give advice on major business decisions.  We take a holistic approach to working with our clients.  Give us a chance to show you how we are different.

Our Story

Chilah and Eric met at a previous employer and came out with a grand idea to offer bookkeeping services to scientists that received grant funding that required extensive reporting back to the grantor.  This idea eventually formed Your Financial Solutions, Inc. as we wanted to maintain the focus on our clients.

Meet the Team

Our team has experience with public companies, international organizations as well as non-profits and mom & pops businesses.

Eric Jones, MBA


Eric is the father of 4 children ranging in age from 8 to 0 years old.  He co-founded YFS to help small and mid-size clients better manage their financial reporting and tax impact.  With the new tax law changes many people have questions as how it will effect their tax liability.  Eric is passionate about helping business owners understand how business decision can effect their profitability and legacy when they pass the business on to the next generation or sell to a third-party.

Chilah Weller, MBA


Chilah is the proud mother of two growing children ages 6 & 0.  Chilah has worked for a public accounting firm before taking her talents in-house to several private companies.  She focuses on tax compliance and educating her clients on the best methods to reduce tax liability to enhance owner lifestyles.  She is familiar with multi-state businesses and tax responsibilities.

Carolyn Scholfield


Carolyn is married to husband of 19 years. They have two children, Emma 17 and Tyler 15. She joined the YFS team in Oct. 2019. Prior to joining YFS Carolyn had a 20 year career in Management within the Manufacturing industry. Utilizing Quickbooks online to successfully run her three business she is a well rounded and an experienced bookkeeper for our clients.

Next Steps…

Make sure to contact us at jones.eric@yourfinancialsolutions.biz or weller.chilah@yourfinancialsolutions.biz to contact us for a no-obligation quote for bookkeeping, payroll or tax services.